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Locked in at the Lake is a unique escape room adventure, right here in Northwest Indiana (NWI), in Cedar Lake! With THREE rooms designed for adults and one room designed specifically for kids or families to do with kids, there’s truly something for everyone. If you're looking for 60 minutes of non-stop excitement, book your adventure today!

Your group will have 60 minutes to solve the room's challenge. You'll need to solve physical and mental clues, and lots of them. Communication is key, and you'll need to stay cool under pressure!

PRICES: $25/person for The Lake House (adults & teens)

$25/person for The Vault (adults & teens)

$25/person for Under The Stars (adults & teens)

$20/person for Redbeard's Quest (Kids 10 - 14 or families

with children of all ages!)

Arrive 15 minutes before the start of your adventure for instruction!

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Solve Clues

Each escape room has a number of different types of clues. There are physical clues (clues that you find), riddles, puzzles, and more. Do you need to be a lifelong CSI fanatic to solve these clues? NO! The range of clues is suited to challenge a range of people so that everyone can contribute!


This might be the most difficult challenge: communication! It's a simple concept: talk, talk, talk! You'd be surprised how difficult this is for some groups, though. So gather your favorite big mouths for this escape room!


Time is not on your side here. You'll have 60 minutes to solve your task, which will seem like a refreshing summer nap at first. As the final minutes approach, it'll feel like a tornado came to life as a feral cat who just downed 13 espressos.  Advice? Stay cool, but know you've got to keep solving.


The Vault Escape Room

Your group enters the lobby of Safe Holdings Bank, but some of your friends are being held hostage in the bank's vault! It's up to you to get them out, but they will help, too. They've got a lot to solve and both groups need to work together in unique ways to free the hostages.

After you free the hostages (usually half-way through), your entire group will work together to achieve the final task - it's heart-pumping excitement!

This escape room can work with a minimum of 4 people, but the optimum group size is between 6 - 10. 

8/10 for difficulty

High-tech escape room, not scary

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Redbeard's Quest

Designed for kids 10 - 14 years old!  Or family fun with kids and adults!

Parents, step aside while your child explores a pirate-themed adventure, solving clues and riddles that will hopefully lead them to their objective: find Redbeard's treasures!  Kids will work fast and furious to find the three treasures of the Cedar Lake Sea in time - all while using teamwork and communication skills! 

5/10 for difficulty

Contact us with any questions on specific ages: we will work with you!

The Lake House Escape Room

So much to explore!

Cedar Lake's rich history leads you to a

60-minute adventure inside the Ball family lake house. The last remaining Ball family member has created a unique task in hopes of finding a proper heir to the Ball family fortune. He's not made it easy, though; only the most fitting heirs will inherit this fortune. Could it be you?

7/10 for difficulty

Traditional escape room, not scary

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Under The Stars

Is a very immersive escape room!  You have gone hiking with your friends and you are now lost in Whispering Woods.  You need to work together as a team and use the sky to find your way out before the sun comes up! 


This room is a mix of tech as well as locks! 

9/10 for difficulty

This room can hold  2-6 people.  Under The Stars is not a scary escape room!


 Escape Room Birthday Parties for Kids:

the FIRST in Northwest Indiana!

Locked In At The Lake is Northwest Indiana's newest spot for kids' birthday parties! To guarantee your party is private, you can simply click "Book Entire Room" (you will be charged the full amount; $200 for 10 kids). If you have any special needs, just contact us!

Book Your Escape Room Online

The only way to reserve your spot is to book online

using our secure booking process. 

Do you want to book a private party outside of these hours?

We require the entire room is booked (8 people);

simply contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you!


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