We Have Northwest Indiana's First Kids Escape Room!

Our Most Commonly-asked Escape Room Questions:


My child is not between 10 - 14. Can he participate in the kids escape room?

We do recommend children should be between 10 - 14 years of age to participate in Redbeard's Quest. We've designed a fun room specifically for this age range, and the experience is not so fun for kids if they aren't solving at this pace.


However, of course we will be flexible - just contact us directly and we can discuss what we can do for you!


Kids of all ages are welcome to participate in our adult room with their parents, which makes for a fantastic family adventure!

Will I actually be locked inside the escape room?

Well, no. By law, we can't lock you up in a room! However, rest assured, the excitement lies within the challenge we've created for our rooms. You'll definitely feel the pressure and thrill of the clue-hunting excitement!

Will I be in an escape room with people I don’t know?

Maybe! If you do not book your entire room, you may be grouped with others you don't know. But think about it, when it comes to your group's success, the more the merrier, right?