The Escape Room Owners

Jeff and Jean Lahm, along with good friends Bob and Melanie Tameling are the proud owners of Locked In At The Lake. Their business venture began in March of 2018, after realizing that the four of them had an excellent combined set of skills to be successful in the escape room industry.

The Lahms and Tamelings brought their minds together to create Northwest Indiana's premier kids escape room, after Jean had developed an escape room for her 11-year old son for his birthday. The four of them knew excitement would build quickly, and kids would love it.

It was important to them to bring in the rich history of Cedar Lake into their Lake House Room. Melanie and Jean enjoyed researching that history and exploring the possibilities to incorporate it into their escape room (Melanie is a teacher, after all!).

The building experts are Jeff (a carpenter) and Bob (a mechanic) who bring the skills to bring all of the ideas to life. 

The Lahms and the Tamelings are blessed to have wonderful families and enjoy spending time outdoors. If they're not working and it's nice outside, the Tamelings will be out on their boat on Cedar Lake enjoying water sports. Both families enjoy camping, hiking, and soaking up every moment while their kids are young. 

This business endeavor has been challenging and new for them, but ultimately rewarding and fun!