Why Choose Us?

We Have a Sweet Pizza Deal!

Located next door to us, Cedar Lake Aurelio's has partnered with us to give our Escape Room customers fantastic coupons on the day you do your Escape Room! When you book a room of 8 or more, you receive 20% off your order! Or, if you have less than 8, you receive a complimentary appetizer (check our main page for details)!


Our Parents Love Our Viewing Room for Redbeard's Quest!

While your children are enjoying the excitement of Redbeard's Quest, parents can kick back in our comfy Viewing Room and watch/listen to all of the action! This allows kids to work independently and accomplish their tasks all on their own; we know this fosters teamwork, problem-solving skills and critical-thinking. Guess what: the kids love it, the parents love it, and we love to see all of the excited kids reach their goal by working together!

We Offer Legitimate Bragging Rights.

Unlike other Escape Rooms, we limit the number of clues a team will receive when they do our rooms. This means if you make it out, you REALLY made it out: for the competitive-natured folks, we know this means a lot. We have true game-players in mind, and your Escape Room strategies need to be on point!

Our Reviews.

Well, just check out our reviews! Our goal is to give people an incredible Escape Room experience, and we don't disappoint. Our attention to detail, unique and mind-bending game-play and our customer service set us apart. Win or lose, we want you to have fun!


That's right: as owners, we have poured our brains and engineering know-how into our unique Escape Room experiences! Other Escape Rooms hire second parties to create puzzles, riddles and clues; but we create and build it all ourselves. We're passionate about providing an immersive, thought-provoking challenge that will give you 60 minutes of entertainment!