• Jean Lahm - Owner

Why an Escape Room Just For Kids?

The reason was pretty obvious to us owners. A few years before we started planning our escape room business, I had designed an escape room for my oldest son's 11th birthday party. A handful of 11-year-olds came to our house, and were immersed with a series off clues, puzzles and riddles, all while the clock was ticking down. They had 60 minutes to work together as a team to complete their objective. I had worked on this for weeks, ordering locks and creating fun, physical clues and puzzles, and little did I know where that would eventually lead.

The boys absolutely loved it. Their parents eventually told me how much their sons enjoyed it; it was all they could talk about when they came home! I chalked it up to a great success, and in the back of my mind I thought that this would be a great thing to do: open an escape room just for kids.

Flash forward to a few years: our good friends Bob and Melanie Tameling, along with two other couples, did an escape room together. When we returned, we talked about how great it would be to open up an escape room business. I mentioned how I had designed an escape room for my son, and how fantastic it would be to open an escape room just for kids. The Tamelings were the ones who proposed to open the business, so I was thrilled that they were on board with the kids escape room.

The four of us put a ton of thought into the entire process. Because we are parents, we made it our priority to cater to what parents want as well. Naturally, we agreed that parents should be able to have a comfortable space to watch their kids as they participated in their escape room. We knew that we needed to design the puzzles to be teamwork-oriented, and of course durable! We were especially excited to partner with Aurelio's next door, making it the perfect birthday party for kids: escape room and pizza!

Everything we hoped for happened: kids love it. Parents love it. Smiles, cheering, laughter all around. These kids have a fantastic opportunity to leave the electronic world behind for one hour, work together as a team and get excited about all of the many successes along the way to victory. It's really something to see! And talk about confidence: everyone contributes, and with so much going on in the escape room, everyone leaves feeling accomplished!

We are thoroughly glad we opened Northwest Indiana's first kids escape room. It's all worth it, and we always feel that with every single smile we see from these kids!