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  • Melanie Tameling-Owner

What are keys to success in our escape room?

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

1. You need TEAMWORK and COMMUNICATION! Talk to each other, tell each other what you have found in the room. Tell your group about your ideas on how to solve a puzzle. If your idea does not work try another idea.

2. Don't waste time! If you have tried a couple of ideas ask for a clue. Remember you get 3 clues to use as you wish. If you are stuck and not moving along in your game, then it is time to ask for some help. Even the most advanced escape room players ask for help!

3. If you have used a clue successfully you will not use that clue again. This is why communication is so important! So put it to the side and move on to figuring something else out!

4. You do need to think in an escape room! Remember everything is used in the room, it's up to you to figure out how it is being used! Locked In At The Lake doesn't use Red Herrings. If it's in the room it will be used!

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