Northwest Indiana's Premier Kids Escape Room!

Looking for a unique, mind-bending activity for a kids group? Look no further than Redbeard's Quest!

Kids have 60 minutes to solve an inter-twined series of clues, puzzles and riddles, in the hopes of finding the three treasures of the Cedar Lake Sea!

Kids absolutely love Redbeard's Quest!


Q: How many kids can do Redbeard's Quest?

A: You'll see on our booking page, you can book up to 10 kids. However, if you have a situation where you might have an extra child who wants to participate, please contact us to see if we can accommodate you!

Q: What ages are best for Redbeard's Quest?

A: We have tested this escape room with all ages, and we have found that kids between 10 - 14 are really great for this room. Now, if you have a few that fall just outside of this range, contact us - we're happy to accommodate your group if it's possible!

Q: Do you host birthday parties at your place?

A: No. But we have partnered with Aurelio's of Cedar Lake just next door, and we offer fantastic coupons for groups who book with us! Usually birthday groups do our escape room and then head next door to Aurelio's for pizza, cake and gifts. Don't forget to make a reservation at Aurelio's!